Winter warming reds

Winter warming reds

Even though it’s not officially winter, it’s getting pretty cold outside. Thinking about the ideal winter night, three things come to mind: fireplace, friends and wintery reds. By default, colder weather asks for rich, velvety and full bodied wines. We at Basement might not have a fireplace, but you can always drop by with friends for a glass of red.


Here is some information that you may find useful when choosing your red wine:

– The red color of wine comes from the skin contact and extraction. This is the so called process of maceration. Simply put, every grape juice is white. The longer the contact of this grape juice with the grape skin, the more intense is the color. Furthermore, each variety has its own characteristics. Pinot noir is “transparently” red and silky, while Istrian Teran leaves more intense mouth feel and its color is dark red with purple hues.

– The same variety behaves differently in different terroirs. Thus, Merlot from Slavonia has quite different characteristics than the one from Istria. It is to be expected that Istrian one will be full-bodied, and potentially higher in alcohols (not a negative feature if the wine is balanced, merely an indication that grapes had higher exposure to sunlight).

– If you drink aged red wine, give it a little time to aerate – to breathe. If the bottle is just opened, most likely you will not feel much on the nose. Enjoyable aromas will be released over time and in contact with the air.


Our wine list has about thirty red wines from different areas: Danube, Slavonia, Central Croatia, Istria & Kvarner and Dalmatia. There you’ll find: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Borgonja, Refosco, Plavac Mali, Crljenak, and some interesting cuvees made of indigenous Croatian varieties.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Photos: Vedran Metelko for Pleasure Seekers Croatia wine tastings @ Basement