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Podunavlje (Danube area) is the easternmost subregion in Croatia, and comprises wine-growing hills of Baranja, Erdut and Srijem. The main feature of Podunavlje is that it is located mainly on plateaus at an altitude of 100 to 200 m characterized by long hot summers with little rainfall. Due to the chosen assortment and ideal climatic and soil conditions, very good wines have been produced here for ages.

Bijela vina

 0,10 L0,75 Lnap.
Graševina Kalazić
Kalazić, Batina, graševina, polusuho/semi dry
139,00 kn
Traminac Krešić
Krešić Vinarija, Šarengrad, traminac , polusuho/semidry
21,00 kn149,00 kn
Cuvee Batina Kalazić
Kalazić, Batina, (chardonnay, sauvignon, sivi pinot, traminac), suho/dry
23,00 kn159,00 kn
Sivi Pinot Čobanković
Vina Buhač, Ilok, graševina, suho/dry
23,00 kn159,00 kn
Graševina Superior Josić
Josić, Zmajevac, Baranja, graševina, suho/dry
23,00 kn159,00 kn
Chardonnay Antunović
Antunović Vinarija, Dalj, Chardonnay, suho/dry
27,00 kn189,00 kn

Rosé i desertna vina

 0,10 L0,75 Lnap.
Rosé Iuris
Iuris, Lipovača, Srijem, cabarnet franc, polusuho/semi dry
14,00 kn99,00 kn
Traminac Iločki podrumi Principovac ledena berba
Iločki podrumi, Principovac, Srijem, traminac, slatko/sweet
749,00 kn0,378 l
Rose Buhač
Vina Buhač, Ilok, frankovka, cabarnet sauvignon, polusuho/semidry
14,00 kn99,00 kn

Crvena vina

 0,10 L0,75 Lnap.
Merlot Markota
Markota vinarija, Požega, merlot, suho/dry
24,00 kn169,00 kn
Cabernet Sauvignon Markota
Markota vinarija, Požega, cabernet sauvignon, suho/dry
24,00 kn169,00 kn
Couvee Josić Superior
Josić, Zmajevac, Baranja, (cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, pinot crni), suho/dry
38,00 kn549,00 kn1.5l