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Istria & Kvarner


Istria has one of the most favorable positions for viniculture in this part of Europe, which dictates the exceptional quality of Istrian wines. Due to extraordinary ecological diversity, relief with a variety of features, soil composition and diversity of climate, dissimilar quality of Istrian wines from the western, eastern and central Istria is evident. The most prominent Istrian wines are Istrian Malvasia, Teran and Refošk. Kvarner, actually Kvarner bay, is a bay in the northeastern part of the Adriatic Sea between Istria and the Croatian coast. The largest islands in the Kvarner bay are Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab. The most familiar variety of that region is žlahtina, white grape of Krk and Vinodol vineyards. Žlahtina is charming, always young, always one-year or maximum two years old. It is an ideal summer wine – with the scent of sea, citrus, green apple, chives and wet marine rocks.

Bijela vina

 0,10 L0,75 Lnap.
Chardonnay Radovan
Radovan, Višnjan, chardonnay, suho/dry
129,00 kn
Couve Mala nevina Saints Hills
Saint Hills, Radovani, (chardonnay, malvazija), suho/dry
20,00 kn139,00 kn
Malvazija Ponente Trapan
Trapan, Pula, malvazija, suho/dry
20,00 kn139,00 kn
Malvazija Piquentum Blanc
Piquentum, Vižinada, malvazija, suho/dry
119,00 kn
Malvazija Meneghetti
Meneghetti vina, Bale, (bijeli pinot, chardonnay, malvazija),
20,00 kn139,00 kn
Malvazija Fakin
OPG Elio Fakin, Motovun, malvazija, suho/dry
16,00 kn109,00 kn
Malvazija Cuj
Cuj, Umag, malvazija, suho/dry
17,00 kn119,00 kn
Malvazija Amfora Kabola
Kabola, Momjan, malvazija, suho/dry
239,00 kn
Malvazija Benvenuti AD 2009
Benevenuti, Kaldir, malvazija, suho/dry
289,00 kn
Malvazija Kozlović Santa Lucia
Kozlović, Momjan, Istra, malvazija, polusuho/semi-dry
259,00 kn
Malvazija Matošević Alba Bq.
Matošević, Sveti Lovreč, Istra, malvazija, suho/dry
189,00 kn
Sauvignon Franković
Vina Franković, Santa Lucija, sauvignon, suho/dry
16,00 kn109,00 kn
Ottocento bijelo Clai
Clai, Buje, Istra, (malvazija, sauvignon, sivi pinot), suho/dry
239,00 kn
Terre bianche Cuvee Blanc Degrassi
Degrassi, Savudrija, (chardonnay, malvazija, sauvignon,
viognier), suho/dry
23,00 kn159,00 kn
Žlahtina Šipun
Šipun, Krk, žlahtina, suho/dry
17,00 kn119,00 kn
Gegić Boškinac
Boškinac, Pag, Gegić, suho/dry
159,00 kn
Bijelo Meneghetti
Meneghetti vina, Bale, (bijeli pinot, chardonnay), suho/dry
31,00 kn229,00 kn

Rosé i desertna vina

 0,10 L0,75 Lnap.
Muškat ruža Vina Laguna
Agrolaguna, Poreč, Istra, malvazija, poluslatko/semi-sweet
23,00 kn114,00 kn0,5 l
Muškat Degrassi
Degrassi, Savudrija, muškat, poluslatko/semi-sweet
159,00 kn0,5 l
Dark Rose Trapan
Trapan, Pula, muškat ruža, poluslatko/semi-sweat
38,00 kn189,00 kn0,375 l
Rose Roxanich
Roxanich, Kosinožići, Istra, Borgonja, suho/dry
20,00 kn139,00 kn

Crvena vina

 0,10 L0,75 Lnap.
Cabernet sauvignon Agrolaguna Festigia
Agrolaguna, Mornarica, Istra, cabarnet sauvignon, suho/dry
159,00 kn
Borgonja Damjanić
OPG Damjanić, Poreć, borgonja, suho/dry
19,00 kn129,00 kn
Refošk Rossi
PO Rossi, Vižinada, refošk, suho/dry
129,00 kn
Teran Roxanich Re
Roxanich, Kosinožići, Istra, (refošk, teran), suho/dry
39,00 kn299,00 kn
Teran Cuj
Cuj, Umag, teran, suho/dry
27,00 kn189,00 kn
Nigra virgo Revolution Trapan
Trapan, Pula, (cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, teran),
25,00 kn179,00 kn