Have your wedding party with us!

Have your wedding party with us!

m&d (103 of 379)Wedding day is one of the most stressful days in one’s life, that’s a fact. Doesn’t matter if you hired a wedding planner or it’s DIY thing, there are thousands of details you have to take care of in order for everything to go as you imagined it. Ok, it might be a wee bit stressful for brides to be than for grooms, but also ladies are usually the ones that are in charge of the organization, so they know what we’re talking about here.


So, you have everything planned, organized and realized all (or at least most) of your ideas. The day has arrived but you still have a million things to do: hair, makeup, getting dresses, photo shoot, etc. However, all you would actually want on this day is to have a little peace and quiet to enjoy this special moments with your dearest ones (and a bottle of a fine champagne), but… your house is already packed with people and you’re no way near to afore mentioned scenario. Well, here’s where we can help you, so you can thoroughly enjoy your big day. Because you’re worth it!

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What really happens in most cases is that your guests go for drinks before or after the ceremony to a random near-by bar (because you go to do your photo shoot). You can overcome that by arranging for them a cocktail hour at Basement. Our location is perfect – Zagreb central, pedestrian zone, next to Uspinjača (cable car), only a few minutes walking distance from Gornji grad.


m&d (110 of 379)If you’re a wine connoisseurs, we’ll pair your wine selection with flavorgasmic finger food, and if by any chance you’re not into wine – we’ll pick them for you. Our creative team will address all of your wishes. We’ll take good care of your guests so you can enjoy your photo shoot. The best day of your lives will be also the best for your guests.


basement klopa (4)One thing every wedding has in common is bubbles (and yes, we’re talking about sparkling wine and a lot of it, thank you very much). Bubbly is well known to get you in the mood, and keep you and your guests there. Other than that, we offer a big selection of wines from our wine list, as well as an assortment of harder liquors to keep everyone happy.


basement klopa (6)Our team of gastronomes will prepare delicious nibbles that will keep your guests nobly intoxicated but not unrestrained. From fresh fruit and vegetables with various dips for the ladies to serious gourmet eats – we promise your guests will be blown away because our catering is everything but classic.

The only thing you have to do – is to be the star of the show!



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Yours truly,

Basement & Pleasure Seekers Croatia Team

ps. if you are going to organise your wedding party somewhere else, you can order awesome Croatian wines at the best Croatian online Wine shop, Wine&More and have them delivered to your doorstep ;)