Who is a sommelier and what does a sommelier do?

Who is a sommelier and what does a sommelier do?

We are quite sure that you’ve more than once heard of the term sommelier, but do you know who sommeliers are and what is their role?

Sommelier is generally a person responsible for all aspects of wine service as well as food and wine pairing at a restaurant. This is no ordinary waiter, but a well trained and knowleadgeble wine professional with a lot of experience who has passed certification course for sommeliers. This is a profession much more demanding than of a regular waiters, so no wonder sommeliers of top restaurants enjoy a great reputation, matching reputations of their respective chefs.

What is exactly the role of a sommelier? Depending on the type of premises where one works (fine dining restaurant, “plain” restaurant, wine bar), sommelier duties vary. Sommelier may be responsible for creating a wine list as well as for education and training of other staff. Furthermore, a sommelier works closely with the kitchen in order to be fully prepared to give wine recommendations in accordance to food pairing to guests . This responsibility certainly requires a lot of experience in food and wine pairing techniques, as well as  excellent knowing of restaurant’s menu and wine list. Finally, the sommelier is the one who stands at guests’ disposal. In direct contact with people, sommeliers must be able to recognize which way their customers want to go, to catch a subtle hint regarding budget limits and to recommend a specific wine which a guest will be satisifed with.

It is somewhat popular to be a sommelier today. Sommeliers can be found in restaurants and wine bars, which are growing in number in Croatia nowadays. Do not be shy to ask sommelier for advice – this is what they do.

How to become a sommelier? You do not necessarily need to be professionally related to the industry  to sign up for a sommelier course. Simply contact the Croatian Sommelier Club where you’ll get all info on courses they offer.

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