Pleasure Seekers Croatia: Roxanich @ Basement

Pleasure Seekers Croatia: Roxanich @ Basement

Roxanich was our first wine tasting in Basement wine bar back in 2012.

In the meantime, we used to meet this Istrian wine celler on various PS events where we had the opportunity to (sometimes exclusively) taste new vintages as well as new wines. Mladen Rožanić’s creative wine handwriting has its fans around the world, and finally the time has come for us to again devote a more time to Roxanich wines and to meticulously taste what they diligently prepared in their celler.

Everything we will taste is relatively or very new to the market: the first edition of their bubbly saw the light of day after three years, there is also their aged rosé which already has its fans, then two Ines – the first one macerated and in white (new vintage) and the first edition of the velvety one – in red, and last but not least – the king teran from 2008. And yes, it is only now released and when you try it, you will understand why it only gets better with age.

We are tasting: Les Petites Bulles Istriennes, Rosé Vintage, Ines in white 2009, Ines in red 2008, Teran Re 2008

As always, wine flight will be accompanied by delicious finger food.

Location: Basement Wine Bar, Tomićeva 5, Zagreb

Date & time: March 5, 2015, Thursday at 19:30

Price: 155 kn (wine flight + finger food)

Reservations: &

We look forward to the seeing you!