Gift certificates

Gift certificates

How many times have you received a gift you don’t like?! Well, this is not one of those sad stories. If you’re reading this, you probably love wine. If you love wine, there’s a real chance your friends share the same interest. Birthdays, anniversaries, various festivities or celebrations – there’s no more dilemmas when it comes to gifts for your wine loving friends!

We have prepared 3 different gift vouchers, which will certainly win the hearts of those who get them. We have basic and premium gift certificate for couples and whichever you choose we promise to take good care of them. There is also a group voucher ideal for sharing with friends. Gift certificates can be bought exclusively in Basement (ask our staff for details), and paid by cash or card (Maestro, Visa).



Radovan Chardonnay or Damjanić Borgonja (0,75l)

Istrian plate

Value: 188 kn


Šember Rosé sparkling (2 glasses)

Saints Hills Mala Nevina (2 glasses)

G&J Tvoja krv i moja (2 glasses)

Bibich Ambra prošek (2 glasses)

Value: 232 kn


Šember Rosé sparkling (0,75l)

Josić Graševina Superior (0,75l)

Adžić Pinot Noir (0,75l)

Vina Laguna Muškat Ruža (0,50l)

2 plates of choice

Value: 749 kn

P.S. It’s highly likely if you give “One for the team” to someone special, they will share it with you. That’s what friends are for ;)